Where To Look For A Dash Cam?

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Ah the dash cam! You’ve decided to hop on board the biggest trend in the motoring world currently with one of these handy little devices for your car? Well let us congratulate you on this first step as were are big fans of car dash cams here. There is just about no reason for not having a dashboard camera installed in your vehicle these days except you do not know what the right one is for your situation. If you’re in the United Kingdom then worry not about that as we have hunted down a nice little guide to the best uk dash cams on the market currently, which will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort.

A lot of the modern recorders come with lots of features these days. Some of them you may want, some not so much. Really it all comes down to your situation and how much driving you do a daily or weekly basis. Employees of drivers that do a lot of travelling by company vehicle would be best suited having one installed, as it gives you more piece of mind when it comes to a road accident involving one of your vehicles. If you do a lot of night-time driving then you would obviously want to check out the night-time footage of the particular camera you are after. Also you may want to consider some features such as the gps, wi-fi, motion detection, parking mode etc. It really just comes down to what you want out of it. For a full list of the features to take into consideration, check out http://cardashcamreviews.com/ guide to it.

There are a few top manufacturers that stick out in uk dash cam scene. The biggest and most popular by a long stretch seems to be Nextbase, who have a massive range of these devices on offer. They have your standard one direction facing cameras, with a special model that can filter out direct sunlight on the recordings called the Nextbase 512G Ultra. They also have a unique 2-in-1 model called the Nextbase Duo, which allows you to record both the front and rear of your vehicle from the one attached device.

Transcend are another manufacturer that sticks out on the market, creating one of the most commonly seen model in cars from their range – Transcend DrivePro 200. With hundreds of great reviews for it online over the past 2-3 years, it’s a solid investment for anyone. Check out the short footage from Transcend themselves:

Mio Mivue is also a very popular choice amongst dash cam owners in the uk, creating some very reliable and solid units, with a whole range of features on offer. Mio Mivue is constantly coming out with newer car cameras for their range, along with their popular GPS models.

There are some other makers that are on the fringe such as Ausdom who make very good budget models, HP who have a few good devices and Vantrue who are gaining a lot of ground on the leaders.

No matter what you’re looking for there is a model out there for it, just be sure to browse around first. Having one of these devices is a great way of adding extra protection for your travels, road accident liability is not a matter you want to be messing around with!

If you have any questions about dash cams then give us a message and we’ll help you as best as we can.